R 024 - Rustic dish.

 Decorative dish of unglazed porcelain. ō = 23,3 cm. The rim is inlaid with black clay and also bears a set of high relief applied shell decoration, cast from nature, in stoneware clays from different areas. The black inlay takes up on the one hand a braided continue motif named guilloche and a small knot-work square, both extremely used in the Saint Porchaire ceramics, and on the other hand motifs of small ammonites and sliced screw shells, reminding one of certain naturally inlaid limestones.  The applied decoration uses a variety of sea shells as a tribute to Bernard Palissy and his "rustic" wares. This application work  makes use of three French stoneware clays that were already excavated in the 16th century : Beauvaisis' blond clay,  white clay (light grey) from Rhineland and golden Burgundy clay.


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